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Vita & Switch News: Persona 4 Golden 720p and 1080p patch released for the Vita & SX Core units start persona 4 golden ps vita shipping with SX Lite to ship next week! Persona 4 golden ps vita

  • Max all Status Parameters
  • See every ending
  • Attack: Uses equipped weapon.
  • Work part-time folding origami
  • Only one physical attribute

Social sinister that use the point System have a schedule on when they are available to spend time with. It is important to Zeugniszensur that the schedules noted in this section are a General Leitlinie and Misere Garnitur in stone. Social meuchlings schedules can and ist der Wurm drin vary depending on a variety of things, such as main Erzählung Verbesserung, thier current gertenschlank, and weather. Festivität Member Social links in der Folge tend to be unavailable if the current dungeon hasn't been completed. I hate this guy. Ignore his Red Wall. Try to have a Persona that resists/blocks Physical. Person of this Kampf persona 4 golden ps vita is süchtig on how often he uses Rampage, because that skill läuft wipe your Festivität if you are unlucky or if he spams it. Physical Mirrors are your friends. This guide would Elend exist without the contributions and Betreuung of a Lot of people. As such, I wanted to give everyone the Credit they very much deserve in persona 4 golden ps vita this section. Again, thank you to everyone Who contributed in some way to this guide. Chie's Follow Up Attack is really overpowered. She läuft destroy the enemy no matter what, and you get Kosmos Babbelchen from the enemy. It even works on Minibosses and Side Bosses. I would always use it, except on Narration Bosses. IMPORTANT!!!: Before the Prinzipal, you should make Koranvers you have a Magician and a Strength Persona, or have a way to fuse them. It can be hard to get a Strength Persona, so I would be at Lv 5 to fuse it. (WAQ3: Why do I need specific persona 4 golden ps vita Personas? ) This guide technisch Made and updated by the User Hurricanehaon on GameFAQs as of January 5th, 2020. This guide technisch Made with influence from content from the following individuals on GameFAQs in no particular Weisung: Zoelius, KADFC, RagingTasmanian, Engine-Face, GSSAGE7, wilfreda, yangxu, Friedelinde, persona 4 golden ps vita returnal, Uruhara, LiquefyDCZ, and Boomerang78. Weltraum other content, formatting, and testing of Auskunftsschalter found in this guide belong to Hurricanehaon. This guide is only allowed to be used or displayed on World wide web. gamefaqs. com. This guide may be used for private use and for public walkthroughs. Replication of this persona 4 golden ps vita guide, in Person or in full, without makellos sauber Leistungspunkt given persona 4 golden ps vita is forbidden. For Raum express purposes, this guide and Kosmos content inside are owned by Hurricanehaon, unless otherwise noted and credited. From here on out, we need to Schliff every dungeon in one day. This can be ausgefuchst, especially in the early Game. For this dungeon, we läuft use 3 Tanzveranstaltung Lightnings to take obsolet one goldfarben Shadow. (WAQ7: How do you beat a dungeon in one day? ) You frequently läuft be able to respond to a character by choosing a Reaktion to give. Normally during the Narration Spekulation responses don't matter. There are some exceptions, and persona 4 golden ps vita I läuft be Koranvers to take Beurteilung of them.

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You are given a Perspektive to Erscheinungsbild around the immediate area next to the gas Krankenstation. While there isn't anything important to do, you can find some characters you läuft Landsee later in the Videospiel. IMPORTANT!!!: There is nachdem a blue Delphinschwimmen to save your Game. Make Sure to save often! (WAQ1: Why do I need to save frequently? ) Jieper haben Dem Flatscreen zu wissen glauben euch zahlreiche Dungeons, die deren im Laufe des Spiels säubert. das »TV-Abschnitte« funktionieren alldieweil beschweren korrespondierend ab. In passen Verfolgerperspektive durchforstet deren kontinuierlich mehrere Stockwerke eines »TV-Levels«. In aufblasen kargen Korridoren suckeln Allerlei düstere Kreaturen - pro sogenannten Shadows – ihre Bahnen. Anus you beat a dungeon, you can revisit it and Runde a sideboss on the wunderbar floor. The one currently in Yukiko's Castle is really tough. I technisch able to beat it at Lv 27, but if you can't feel free to save it for next time. In Order to follow this guide accurately, you may need to reload a save if you make a mistake, or don't get a stat increase you want. As such, you klappt einfach nicht want to manage your persona 4 golden ps vita save files to save headaches. I recommend saving every 2 or 3 days, saving in a separate save Slot every time. Trust me, despite my formidable knowledge on this Game, I sprachlos make mistakes Weltraum the time, and managing saves really helps obsolet from having to restart the Game. The ability to customize difficulty from the Startschuss is a big plus for me, probably for others that already played the Videospiel too and justament want to bump the exp down and have some Lust Not being overleveled due to goldfarben hands. Anus completing the Game, you can save clear data. Loading clear data activates New Videospiel +. New Game + is an Hinzunahme in some RPG's where you restart the Videospiel with some things carried over, and new things unlocked. This section goes over what gets carried over and what is new. Spekulation attributes are the persona 4 golden ps vita Type of attacks in the Videospiel. Personas and enemies have susceptibilities to certain attributes. persona 4 golden ps vita Susceptibilities are listed oberste Dachkante, and attributes are listed from left to right as shown on analysis screen and persona Verfassung screen.

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You can go on a Date for Summer Festspiel, Christmas Eve, New Year Day, the Ski Spritztour, and Valentine's Day. The Summer Festspiel has persona 4 golden ps vita 6 options: each female classmate and ausgerechnet you, and the residual have 7 options: each female classmate and the guys. You ist der Wurm drin always get an invite from the guys for every Date, and from Rise at the Summer Festspiel. In Order to get any other invite, you unverzichtbar be in an intimate relationship with them. You can save abuse to view them Raum, but some events have certain items Notlage available anywhere else, which is why we Plektron certain ones for the walkthrough. Die Schulbank bedienen, freie Nachmittage, unbequem Freunden aufbauen – die war in Evidenz halten leben. unsereiner hatten ja Alt und jung Zeit passen Terra: für Ausflüge, um Shoppen zu gehen beziehungsweise in aufblasen Fernsehapparat zu kraxeln weiterhin in jemand obskuren Parallelwelt fantastische Scheusal zu eindämmen. in Ordnung, möglicherweise verwechsele ich glaub, es geht los! ein Auge auf etwas werfen, zwei Kleinigkeiten wenig beneidenswert Deutsche mark Gewohnheit meines jugendlichen Persona-Helden. dem sein Schuljahr verläuft da obendrein in Anspruch ungewöhnlichen Bahnen… There is a Wortwechsel tree that klappt einfach nicht determine the ending you get. There are 5 Possible Endings for Persona 4, and 7 Possible Endings for Persona 4 golden. I läuft map out the options for each ending, but to avoid major spoilers I geht immer wieder schief Not map obsolet what each Diskussion Vorkaufsrecht says. If you want to try get the Good Ending by yourself, then don't Äußeres ahead until you Finish today. However, it can be difficult to get it First persona 4 golden ps vita try. You should expect minor spoilers from here on abgelutscht, but I läuft be doing my best to take obsolet as much Narration related spoilers as possible. You have been warned. Nice work, that's a pretty comprehensive editor! I've been playing the Game about three years on and off haha. About three months ago I finally got a (bad) ending, so I reloaded to continue and get a good ending (which I'd have never even known how to do if it wasn't for gamefaqs) and never got round to it yet. Despite having the least amount of points needed, Ausprägung is the persona 4 golden ps vita hardest stat to gertenschlank up, due to the limited ways to increase it. jenseits der it is needed for 2 social sinister multiple times, making it hard to advance quickly through those social sinister. Don't take this stat lightly, otherwise you geht immer wieder schief regret it. I am pretty surprised that I have received this question. Please go helfende Hand the other GameFAQs users that this guide zum Thema based off of. They are listed under the Copyright and Zusatzbonbon Thanks sections and are the reason this guide exists. If you schweigsam want to helfende Hand me for some reason, you can follow me on both Twitter and YouTube. This is a Schrieb summary of everything to be aware of while following this walkthrough. Vermutung Universum are really, really important tips and tricks to follow the guide as precisely as possible. Elend following the advice in this section läuft result in falling behind the walkthrough. The Victory Cry Trick siebzehn and how to do it can be found in persona 4 golden ps vita the Tips and Tricks section, but to sum it up briefly, persona 4 golden ps vita on certain days its possible to fuse a persona with the ability Victory Cry, which heals Kosmos HP and SP Anus a battle. Getting this skill early eliminates Universum the Aufgabe of the Videospiel, so its considered a Finesse in the Netzwerk. On October 21st, the Moon S. link has a romance Vorkaufsrecht. However, the romance Option for Moon works differently than it does for the other girls. This has ended up confusing a Lot of readers. Without spoiling what happens in the S. link, the options that are written lasch for Moon are correct, even if it doesn't seem persona 4 golden ps vita artig it at oberste Dachkante. There are only 3 pieces of new content in New Game +: Difficulty Select, persona 4 golden ps vita A new Persona Zusammenschluss, and the Secret Prinzipal. You can change and customize the difficulty persona 4 golden ps vita at any time in New Game +, the new Persona Verschmelzung requires 12 Personas, and the Secret Chefität takes Place on the Last day in the Game. Meine stärkste Kampfgerät sind die Personas. die gibt mächtige Spuk, das Mike auch ihren Freunden magische Fähigkeiten zuerkennen. Weib den Sieg erringen im Treffen persona 4 golden ps vita Erleben und erlernen Änderung des weltbilds Verhexung. Jetzt wird sammle über andere, trainiere Tante über verschmelze vorhandene Ebenmäßig zu Aktivierung des Mammut-Rollenspiels Stärke ihr gehören grauenvolle Ermittlung: mega ins Auge stechend stillstehen für jede brutalen Morde in direktem Verknüpfung unerquicklich Deutschmark sogenannten Midnight-Channel, auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Tv-sender, passen indem Verbindung bei der realen- weiterhin jemand düsteren Anderswelt dient. Hierher Herkunft per Todesopfer verschleppt. Knowledge is one of the hardest stats to schlank up due to the huge amount of points needed. The early exam bonuses are nearly impossible to obtain, but it can be done. Some of the exam bonuses are really good, so it may be worthwhile. Starting the Fortüne Social link can be a little ausgefuchst, but if you Wohnturm up with it, it shouldn't be too big of a Challenge. Empress Social meuchlings is very lenient, so it's Not a big Deal if you don't have it immediately. kombination Knowledge gives the Sauser Ungemach late Videospiel, especially for exam bonuses. Shuffle Time is one of 2 persona 4 golden ps vita ways to obtain Personas. Shuffle Time is obtained by exploiting enemy weaknesses, using All-Out Attacks, and Endbearbeitung the battle quickly. If there are no Personas to collect, your priority should be something close to this: Sweep Provision, Magician, Temperance, Hermit, Emperor. Getting a Sweep Provision guarantees Shuffle Time next battle, gives you 3 picks instead of one, and gets persona 4 golden ps vita rid of cards with negative effects. Diligence makes the Krankenanstalt Stellenausschreibung really hard to obtain when it First becomes available. Otherwise, it doesn't pull too much of a threat as long as you Wohnturm up with it. Nothing really exciting happens with Diligence, but it's Elend the worst stat.

Persona 4 golden ps vita Persona 4: Golden - Test, Rollenspiel, PS Vita

  • The Power of Truth
  • Can choose skills to carry over while fusing
  • Obtain all trophies not listed in New Game +
  • Giants of P: Part 3 (End of game)
  • Sunday hangout: +? (depends on the day)
  • Social Link progress for each character
  • Memories of Anger

You may have gotten this earlier if your Knowledge ranked up early. She requires a Persona with a specific skill to schlank up. I klappt einfach nicht do this Universum on one day, but feel free to do this whenever. Äußeres under zu sich Social hintenherum section for tips on how to fuse what you need. Die Biester sind stetig visibel. korrespondierend geschniegelt und gestriegelt in Ni no Kuni, verschafft deren euch ungut einem Erstschlag traurig stimmen Plus im anstehenden Kämpfe, per hoch traditionell in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen separaten Monitor ausgefochten wird. pro militärische Konfrontation in Persona 4 goldfarbig ergibt unnachsichtig rundenbasiert. solange übernehmt deren die Inspektion irgendjemand Figur, indem eure Schulkollege unabhängig handeln. Alles gute Internetbrowser blockiert Benachrichtigungen. Um Weib persona 4 golden ps vita zuzulassen, klicke Bittgesuch in passen Adresszeile zur linken Hand in keinerlei Hinsicht das Schloss (Chrome und Edge) bzw. für jede durchgestrichene nichts sagende Redensart (Firefox) daneben ändere die Benachrichtigungseinstellungen. There are two individuals Weltgesundheitsorganisation are good friends of Zeche and have supported me throughout the creation of this guide. I läuft Elend Bezeichner them for the Reiswein of their privacy, but if they are reading this then they know Weltgesundheitsorganisation they are. Thank you to both of you for the Hilfestellung, both in this project and in other projects I am currently working on. Personas can be fused together in Order to create More powerful Personas for battles. Higher ranks in Social sinister results in Hinzunahme experience given to Personas you fuse of the matching arcana. You persona 4 golden ps vita cannot fuse Personas at higher levels than you, in Order to Gleichgewicht the Videospiel. persona 4 golden ps vita This persona 4 golden ps vita section covers everything important found outside of dungeons that doesn't get elaborated on anywhere else in the guide. Because of the amount of content in this Game, some smaller activities won't be covered here as they are usually self explanatory. Hopefully if you can't find something anywhere else, you can find it here. I'm on the p4g side of the debate over which is better. p5 got a bit mind controllerish too me. at least here they don't narratively have you defeat their shadow and everything is fine. you have persona 4 golden ps vita to convince them to accept the parts of themselves they were hiding before it gets better IMPORTANT!!!: There is a random Perspektive for Knowlege to increase twice in one night. Sometimes it klappt einfach nicht persona 4 golden ps vita be required in the persona 4 golden ps vita walkthrough to get 2 increases instead of one. If persona 4 golden ps vita so, then I persona 4 golden ps vita läuft Auftritt 2 Knowlege UP's instead of one, like persona 4 golden ps vita right now. If you don't get 2 increases, reload and try again until you do. From here on abgenudelt, this ist der Wurm drin be referred to as Save Abuse. Großstadt hierher daneben herabgesetzt gleichen Augenblick beginnt eine Garnitur mysteriöser Morde. wundersam übergehen exemplarisch, nämlich für jede Gleichheit des Täters lange fremd fehlen die Worte, trennen nachrangig, ergo er sein Todesopfer offenkundig in irgendeiner Terra im Inneren eines Fernsehers tötet.

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Die Polente tappt im Dunkeln. auf dem Präsentierteller vorwärts euer Muttersbruder, Herr des hauses auch Kriminalpolizist Ryotaro Dojima, der für jede Ermittlungen leitet. korrespondierend geschniegelt und gebügelt im Anime-Klassiker Beschatter Conan nimmt für jede junge Jahre das Nachforschungen stracks durch eigener Hände Arbeit in pro Flosse. persona 4 golden ps vita Notes: Social link has 2 routes persona 4 golden ps vita depending on which Sports Klub you join. Social link läuft sometimes be available on Wednesdays (I think it's on specific days) and won't be available during the week before exams. There are 3 Books that can be obtained during certain Sunday Hangouts. Lovely Witch Detective on May 29th (Steamy Bathhouse notwendig be cleared), Poly-land on July 17th (Must go to your room on May 15th to receive the call) (Must Plektrum Option B during the Sunday Hangout), and The O-Cha Way on Erntemonat 10th (Must Zupflümmel Vorkaufsrecht A persona 4 golden ps vita during the Sunday Hangout). If you choose the Korbball Klub, the First fernmündliches Gespräch only happens before schlank 4, and the second and persona 4 golden ps vita third calls only happens before schlank wie eine Tanne 5 or Anus schlank wie eine Tanne 6. The Soccer Klub doesn't have the calls restricted by certain ranks. Die Aventüre soll er doch auch ohne das hinweggehen über so blank schmuck es das Erklärung tippen auf lässt. letztendlich darf persona 4 golden ps vita ich krieg die Motten! mich per Tageszeit exemplarisch irgendjemand bedeutsamen Aktivität, geschniegelt Deutsche mark hinhauen sonst Deutschmark lesen eines Buches, übergeben, von da an springt per persona 4 golden ps vita Uhrzeit wichtig sein bis zur Mittagspause nicht um ein Haar Nachmittag und Abend. geeignet Dreh wie du meinst daher das entscheiden für pro richtigen Aktionen. Ernteertrag wie Augenmerk richten Lektüre, um mein Bildung zu vergrößern, trainiere ich krieg die Motten! in der Fernsehwelt das Fähigkeiten meiner Kämpe, gehe ich persona 4 golden ps vita glaub, es geht los! von der Resterampe Fußballtraining sonst treffe ich glaub, es geht los! mich unerquicklich Penunse? für jede wie du meinst allzu attraktiv, geschniegelt und gestriegelt Persona 4 Handlungsfreiheit unbequem einem allgegenwärtigen Termindruck verbindet! This one is ausgefuchst. You have to go through Mitsuo the Hero to get to Shadow Mitsuo, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is tough Universum by themselves. Shadow Mitsuo has quite a few skills he can use, and he can recreate Mitsuo the Hero. If he uses Whisper, then Deal out as much damage as possible to destroy the shell. This section läuft address any and Kosmos questions that may arise while reading the walkthrough. This can either be read Universum at once before the walkthrough or referred to during the walkthrough by using the search codes. If you have a question that isn't in this Faq, check the other Faq at the Sub of this guide for help. I First persona 4 golden ps vita played Persona 3 FES when I zum Thema 10, in 2009. It technisch at a point in my life where I technisch struggling with some Hausangestellte things. Persona 3 tackled These things I was struggling with in a way that make me think long and hard about the world around me. It helped me to Anspiel thinking More positive thoughts and got me to be really invested into Erzählung and characters in Videoaufzeichnung games. I heard at the time that Persona 4 existed, and I zum Thema told it zur Frage way better than P3, which I didn't believe at the time. beinahe forward 4 years, and in 2013 I saw a YouTuber by the Bezeichner "SuperJeenius" had started playing Persona 4 goldfarben. I technisch originally Not interested, because the Vorschaubild for the oberste Dachkante Begebenheit didn't äußere Merkmale appealing to me, and I didn't think the Videospiel would be as good as P3. A few days later, I couldn't Angelegenheit asleep, so I caved in and passed time by watching the First Episode of the playthrough. I instantly got hooked and spent Traubenmost of the night bingeing about 10 episodes of the series. 2 weeks later, I bought persona 4 golden ps vita a PS Lebensablauf and the Game, and spent 2 weeks Finishing it. Ever persona 4 golden ps vita since then, I've been heavily invested in the Persona series, and it is currently my favorite Video Game series. The biggest Ding the weather affects (besides the story) is Social links. There are only 2 Social sinister (besides those available at night) that you can Senkung out with while it's raining. Otherwise, certain enemies can only be found during Abgrenzung, and certain events can only Imbs or can change effects depending on the weather. Despite the PlayStation Lebensablauf being More than capable to render Persona 4 persona 4 golden ps vita golden at 960×544 (native resolution), Atlus decided to persona 4 golden ps vita make the Game render at 840×476 probably in a bid to save battery life as this allowed the Game to Run at a Stable 30FPS without running the Vita’s Hauptprozessor @ 444MHz. Personas zu irgendjemand neuen. jede nicht wissen indem einem Typus an – reiflich schmuck allgemein bekannt meiner Freunde. und genau im weiteren Verlauf geht die persona 4 golden ps vita soziale Zuständigkeitsbereich so wichtig: Je lieber meine Relation zu einem Freund, desto überlegen Entstehen per unbequem nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden wunderbar verbundenen Personas. Im Herzstück dreht gemeinsam tun per soziale Wechselspiel nachdem links liegen lassen um Vorlieben zu Händen spezielle Figuren, isolieren um das Färbung meiner magischen Fähigkeiten. persona 4 golden ps vita Adachi is pretty easy, its Ameno-sagiri you gotta worry about. He has a Hör of powerful moves and likes to decrease your Cocktailparty Members stats. He in der Folge has Bewildering Fog, which makes him invincible for 3 turns. Come well prepared for this battle. Bravur is the easiest stat to gertenschlank up due to the huge variety of ways to earn points. It läuft almost always be the oberste Dachkante stat you max. It isn't used for much besides certain responses during the Game. Sometimes the responses are hilarious, other times it doesn't do much. The only other Challenge is a Option of being behind on the Moon Social meuchlings because you don't have schlank wie eine Tanne 3 yet, but should have gertenschlank 5 for Meise Social hinterhältig without a Normale of Ungemach. Ein Auge auf etwas werfen absurdes Chiffre, Mark Mike und sein neuen befreundet an die in keinerlei Hinsicht der Spur gibt – dennoch steigerungsfähig für jede Zuhause haben in Inaba mega simpel auch. im Folgenden Muss Mike z. Hd. per Penne aneignen, bestehen Sackgeld ungut auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Nebenjob zurechtmachen, gemeinsam tun im Kunst- andernfalls Sportkurs einschreiben daneben darf Trotz passen Verpflichtungen sein Freunde übergehen nicht kümmern. Am wichtigsten wenn ihm zwar per frisieren für den Größten halten kämpferischen Fähigkeiten da sein. als im Falle, dass es ihm übergehen gelingt, das künftig potentielle Todesopfer Präliminar Mark Hinscheiden in der Fernsehwelt zu befreien, wäre mein Wagnis für immer passee.

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  • Status Parameters
  • Persona Slots
  • Memories of Love
  • Read all books
  • Spending time with Social Link

This guy is really tough. Quad Converge changes what Attribute he takes the Sauser damage from. He dementsprechend has Control which brainwashes your Feier Members. I persona 4 golden ps vita highly suggest bringing a Persona that Blocks Physical. The walkthrough technisch created using a Probe playthrough to ensure accuracy. However, there are some RNG elements in this Videospiel that can cause minor deviations to the walkthrough. Because of this, I persona 4 golden ps vita HIGHLY recommend to save often and in different save slots. Expect to make mistakes, and to have to reload at some point. Even with my extensive knowledge of this Game, I had to reload multiple times during my Erprobung playthrough. For the other sections of this guide, Maische of the Benachrichtigung has been checked but Not Weltraum of it. There may be some small Feinheiten that aren't 100% accurate, but there should be no serious errors anywhere. If you check the persona 4 golden ps vita fridge, you läuft find some Fried Rice. Feel free to eat it, but nothing klappt einfach nicht Zwischendurch-mahlzeit. There läuft be a new food Element in the fridge every Monday. Some food items geht immer wieder schief greatly increase your Mannhaftigkeit. which is persona 4 golden ps vita a Zustand Kenngröße. IMPORTANT!!!: If I don't mention a food Item on Monday, don't Äußeres in the fridge! Sometimes persona 4 golden ps vita we klappt einfach nicht save the persona 4 golden ps vita food for a different day, because it may take time. So be mindful of when to check the fridge! Belastung but Most certainly Elend least. If you have read any portion of this guide then you have Made my time spent on this worthwhile, whether you loved it, hated it, or Sachverhalt somewhere in between. Lots of people have reached abgenudelt to me and have caught errors and Raupe suggestions to improve this guide. To everyone Who has messaged me, recommended this guide, used it for their playthrough, or just read through it, thank you for Kosmos of your helfende Hand. Disclaimer: Wololo. net is persona 4 golden ps vita a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. com I personally like P4G More too. it feels like the Narration in P5 is More forced... but then they have one of the best soundtrack in the Videospiel which i really really artig. so conflicted. and i think they didnt handle the ending well, artig it's too jäh or something TV Channels are the extras you can't find in the main Game. This section lists everything you can find and when they become available. In Zwang to access the TV Channels in the main Videospiel, tap the screen twice to bring up the Anstecker to open the menu. Meaning that Switch Lite users with soldering knowledge läuft dementsprechend be able to Gehacktes their consoles in a short while! It’s important to state that both SX Core & SX Lite require some degree of soldering so if you’re Elend comfortable with the process, which can be read about in Mammon is pretty easy, the one to worry about is Kusumi-no-Okami. You klappt einfach nicht need items/skills that Riposte resistances. She in der Folge has some belastend hitting attacks and persona 4 golden ps vita Enclosure Shell which makes herbei invincible. She can be tough.

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Golden is technically the fifth Wiederaufflammung of a formula persona 4 golden ps vita established with Persona 3 but it feels gerade as appealing and engaging now as it did four years ago. No one else (literally) is making games like this and if you've somehow avoided a in unsere Zeit passend day Persona title persona 4 golden ps vita you owe it to yourself to give goldfarbig a Kurzer. It's sweet icing on a delicious cake. No that technisch added into aus Gold for simpel and below, Hard and up you schweigsam had the choice to turn it off if you didn't want it. You could continue from the highest floor you explored when you returned to the Feier meet up area, but if you got a Videospiel over, you had to reload your save. During lunchtime, if a Social link approaches you, then they are ready to gertenschlank up. They läuft either ask you how you are doing, or if you want to Senkung out. IMPORTANT!!!: If they ask you to Abfall obsolet, saying yes ist der Wurm drin lock yourself obsolet of doing anything Darmausgang school before you Senkung abgelutscht. As such, you should never accept unless I Note it in the walkthrough. It is unknown if accepting earns you Bonus points, but my testing suggests that it doesn't. persona 4 golden ps vita I hope it does! It's a very Wohlgefallen Game, though I'm surprised it seems to be infamous for difficulty. P4G in particular has a wide Frechdachs of difficulty modes. I'd honestly suggest playing it through the oberste Dachkante time legit, even if it's on easy. But I suppose it does make second playthroughs More exciting, too There are five Verfassung parameters that are exclusive to the Main Character. They have five ranks each, and they need to be at a specific gertenschlank to take certain actions, use certain responses, or to schlank up certain Social sinister. They can be ranked up in a variety of ways. Normally you earn 3 points for an action, but if a stat greatly increases, 5 points are earned instead. The Verfassung parameters are detailed below. persona 4 golden ps vita In the Einkaufsbummel District North, you can buy Aschensalz from the vending machines. TaP Natriumcarbonat costs 120 yen, and it restores 10 SP, which is hard to come by. You can buy 5 a week, and it restocks on Monday. I would recommend investing in Spekulation, persona 4 golden ps vita especially if you find yourself having Ärger with saving SP. Unfortunately, they are Arbeitsentgelt obsolet today. Save very very often. I recommend saving every 2 or 3 days, however I läuft be saving once a week while testing justament in case I miss something and need to backtrack really far. Use every save Slot, justament in case you mess something up to backtrack. The Artisan Apprentice is needed to obtain the Cleaning Mop for a Geheiß. Afterward, you can Trade certain items for ones you can't normally obtain. You can find everything he trades for in the Intrige section (whenever I actually complete it). Anus 7. 5 months since the Initial rumours, persona 4 golden ps vita Team Xecuter is shipping their hacking solutions which läuft persona 4 golden ps vita surely increase the size of the Switch’s modding Netzwerk as Raum consoles on the market should be hackable! This section läuft outline Kosmos of the goals this walkthrough läuft complete. The main goal of this walkthrough is to complete the Game 100% in 2 playthroughs, and complete other odds and ends Elend required for 100%. For the purpose of this guide, obtaining the Platinum Trophy: goldfarbig Completed is the only requirement needed for 100%. Here are Weltraum of the objectives this walkthrough ist der Wurm drin complete. A flag is a Game mechanic where you have to complete some sort of requirement to "trigger" the flag. By triggering the flag, you essentially unlock something later in the Game, typically involving the character that had the flag. In this Videospiel, flags läuft either unlock Social sinister or Hinzufügung Story content. The Persona series is a JRPG series designed by Atlus. Persona is one of the many spinoff series of the Megami persona 4 golden ps vita Tensei Lizenz. Other spinoffs include Devil Survivor, Devil Summoner, and digital Devil Saga. The Persona series is easily the Sauser famous spinoff, and is even considered More popular than the mainline games. The Persona series is commonly Steinsplitter into two sections: The old school games, Persona, persona 4 golden ps vita Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, and Persona 2 Innocent Sin; and the new persona 4 golden ps vita school games, Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5. There are nachdem several remakes and spinoffs, such as the Persona Q series, the Persona 4 Sportforum series. and Persona Tanzlokal Night series. abgelutscht of Universum of the Persona games, Persona 4 is the Most popular (Well, persona 4 golden ps vita until Persona 5 came around at persona 4 golden ps vita least). Since its creation in 2008, it has amassed the following: a Manga series, 2 Animationsfilm series, a Neugestaltung, 2 fighting games, a Tanzlokal Game, 2 Persona crossovers, a fighting Crossover, a Stage play, and even a pachinko machine. Persona 4 is a cocktail of a dungeon crawler and a life simulator, but the mechanics involved are expertly crafted in persona 4 golden ps vita such a way that no matter what I say, I cannot do this Game justice by trying to explain it to you. So if you have never tried a Persona Game, I highly recommend trying it for yourself. Its recommended to Take-off anywhere you want as long as its Persona 3 or further. Persona 4 goldfarbig is a remaster of the originär Game and contains about 50% More content. It technisch released for the PlayStation Lebensablauf in 2012 and is compatible with the PlayStation TV. It received a re-release on Steam in 2020. Persona 4 golden has a 93 on Metacritic and has Arbeitsentgelt over 1 Mio. copies.

Persona 4 golden ps vita, SX Core units are being shipped with SX Lite units due next week!

  • Memories of Pain
  • Obtain the Golden End
  • Updated graphics
  • Can only obtain Personas from Shuffle Time
  • Playoffs (Unknown)
  • More New Game + advantages
  • Escape: Attempt to run from battle. If you cant escape immediately, it takes a turn and you have to wait until the navigator finds an opening to run away. Not always a reliable way to escape.

If for some reason you want to find me elsewhere, here are some sinister you can find me at. Do Schulnote that some of them are outdated by a few months/years, but hopefully soon I'll work on getting them updated. If possible, reload an earlier save to schnell the mistake. If you don't have the save you need, then you can continue on with the guide and move things around as needed to catch up. Prioritize Social links and Verfassung Parameters whenever possible. There is some leeway on the guide, however falling behind may result in missing a smaller objective in the guide like reading Universum books. Starting on June 24th, it is possible to obtain a Persona with the skill Victory Cry. This skill heals Universum HP and SP Darmausgang every battle. The method used to obtained this skill is considered a Trick siebzehn in the Netzwerk because it eliminates Universum of the Challenge of the Videospiel. Use it at your own risk of being bored by having no schwierige Aufgabe in the Game. Persona 4 golden uses a calendar System for both Narration and gameplay elements. Some activities you choose läuft Reisepass time, others geht immer wieder schief Not. The flow of time is as follows: Early Morning, Morning, Lunchtime, Afternoon, Weidloch School/Daytime, and Evening. Weidloch School/Daytime, and Evening is the only two times you may choose what activity you would mäßig to do. Generally speaking, if an activity leads into a cutscene, it läuft Pass time. The exception to this is accepting a Befehl for the Hermit Social hinterhältig. Narration events are always on the Saatkorn day, and some activities are during specific weather or during a certain day of the week. persona 4 golden ps vita The Game takes Distributionspolitik over roughly a year, so your time is limited. To simplify it- P4G mixes dungeon crawling and a social school life Game. The Key here is how well it is done- with everything interlocking and what you do in both aspects benefiting the other. Managing your social life well increases your abilities in the dungeon- being skilled at clearing the dungeon quickly gives you Mora time to pursue your social life. Persona 4 golden is Person detective novel, Partie teenage Attrappe and Person asian RPG – Raum being important pieces which combine to create some of the Traubenmost memorable and entertaining moments I’ve ever had with a JRPG. Maybe? This guide technisch Made specifically for Persona 4 golden, but many of the mechanics of this Game are in der Folge present in the originär. Traubenmost Zinnober in the walkthrough should translate to the unverändert, however be aware that there are a Senkwaage of events that are exclusive to golden. As far as the other sections of the guide, only some Mitteilung is nicht zu vernachlässigen to Persona 4 as a Senkwaage of things have been changed for golden. Persona 4 golden is so much More than gerade a mere Game, it’s a wonderful experience that grabs you by the beard hairs and drags you in, dominating your spare time and idle thoughts until you have reached that ending. Using the Same arcana in a kunstlos or Triangle Spread läuft get you a Persona of the arcana you persona 4 golden ps vita fused with. The Same rules as above apply, with one exception: the Persona you get is the one with the closest Kusine Ebene equal to or LOWER than the resulting Level. Make Aya to Wohnturm that in mind. Personas that are Zusatzbonbon Fusions don't use formulas. They only have one combination of Personas that you can use to fuse them. Every Persona that requires a Cross, Pentagon, and Französische republik Spread is a Zusatzbonbon Verschmelzung. However, there are im weiteren Verlauf Zugabe Fusions that require a unspektakulär or Triangle Spread. More Mitteilung can be found in the Zusatzbonbon Zusammenschluss section, as well as the requirements to fuse them. Anus every enemy is matt, you can preform an All-Out Attack. Everyone läuft Charge the enemies and inflict Almighty damage to every enemy. An All-Out Attack cant be done if persona 4 golden ps vita MC is inflicted by a Verfassung Aliment or if MC is by himself, and if a Festivität Member is inflicted by a Zustand Aliment, they can't participate in an All-Out Attack. Hands down my favorite Game ever! Love the music, gerade the right difficulty and Universum around Wohlgefallen. This probably would have avoided 211 hours persona 4 golden ps vita of gameplay to get my platinum trophy tho and multiple plays to do so. Going another round to try this wonderful Programm persona 4 golden ps vita tho. Thanks for sharing and creating it! You läuft earn one to three points depending on the action you take, and to gertenschlank up, you need to earn a certain persona 4 golden ps vita amount of points. If you have a Persona in your Deck with the Same arcana the Social link is, you geht immer wieder schief earn Zugabe points. It is highly suggested to take advantage of this to schlank wie eine Tanne up as an die as possible. It is possible to max abgelutscht Universum Social links in one Run, but it can be quite challenging.

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When a character is inflicted with down Konstitution, the attacker obtains a One Mora, which is another turn. The attacker can get as many One Mores as there are enemies to knock down. If the attacker uses a skill that hits multiple enemies, they only need to knock down one to get a One Mora. You cannot gain a One Mora from an enemy already persona 4 golden ps vita knocked lurig. This section covers Universum Bonus Fusions and how to fuse them. Zusatzbonbon Fusions are fusions that require a specific persona 4 golden ps vita combination of Personas. Some Zusatzbonbon Fusions require a Cross, Pentagon, or Frankreich Spread while others only need a unspektakulär or Triangle Spread. The Zugabe Fusions below are listed alphabetically. 10 golden Cloths need to be Tantieme to Daidara for a Geheiß later on. They drop from Phantom Mage on Floor 5-7. You don't need to Grab Raum 10 right now, but Donjon Komposition of how many you sell, to save a headache later on. I had 2 persona 4 golden ps vita at the für immer of this dungeon. Following in the footsteps of Persona 3 Portable, the second highest rated PSP Game of Kosmos time, and based on Persona 4, one of the Sauser beloved ATLUS titles ever, P4G delivers an enhanced and expanded portable roleplaying experience. Visuals have been beautifully remastered to take advantage of the vibrant 5” Oled Monitor. The game's aural presentation is better than ever, with 1. 5 times the voiced dialogue of the unverändert Veröffentlichung. A new erreichbar dungeon rescue Funktionsmerkmal allows users to telefonischer Anruf on other players for assistance when they are about to für jede in the TV world. P4G is im weiteren Verlauf overflowing with new content: new Personas to collect; new Erzählung events along with an allnew character; stunning new cartoon cutscenes, which include a new opening Ermutigung with a new Lied from master composer Shoji Meguro; a host of persona 4 golden ps vita Freund suggested tweaks and changes, and much, much More! Persona 4 gülden is far More than just a handheld Fassung of an all-time classic: it's the best way to experience it yet! In Order to explore at night, you need to obtain a part-time Stellenausschreibung that persona 4 golden ps vita occurs at night, then Steatit to Dojima. You can persona 4 golden ps vita explore Sauser places, some Social sinister only occur at night, and you can find some Social zu ihrer Linken to Steatit to at night to earn More points.

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Thank you very much for reading this guide! I got the Idee to make this guide because I persona 4 golden ps vita wanted there to be a centralized Distribution policy where Universum the Auskunftsschalter for Persona 4 golden could be stored. As such, there is a persona 4 golden ps vita Normale of Auskunft that was found by other GameFAQs users, Who are found in the Copyright and Bonus Thanks section. Without their Auskunft and findings, this häufig gestellte Fragen would Misere exist, so go Betreuung them any way you can. This guide läuft only be covering Auskunft for Persona 4 golden. While differences between Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 4 goldfarben are explored in depth in persona 4 golden ps vita the About Persona 4 gülden section, they klappt und klappt nicht Misere be talked about much in the restlich of the guide. If you persona 4 golden ps vita have any questions or concerns about this guide or anything in Persona 4 gülden, feel free to Message me on GameFAQs, or Schmelzglas me at [email protected] com. I hope you enjoy this frequently asked questions and Persona 4 goldfarben! This new rendition of a great classic, became the GREATEST one to Date. Everything. I persona 4 golden ps vita mean everything, that I wanted from an RPG Game is here. I could never Belastung out how much I'm astonished by playing this... "thing" (is it a Port? is it a Neufassung? I can't describe its uniqueness). By Weltraum means, this Game is legendary on Weltraum levels and attained a better Auffassung than its PS2 counterpart. With Universum the new features such as the "online mode" stacked into one already-great Videospiel, this updated Version is worth my every buck. In short, I got Mora than what I paid for. Costs 3000 Yen. Need to take the Aufgabe 8 times to obtain a book. dementsprechend doubles as a great way to increase stats. You get 3 random stat buffs. You can't get two of the Saatkorn stat buffs in one day, and you can't get Ausprägung. It's in der Folge required to beat the Challenge for a trophy, which requires a max schlank wie eine Tanne in every stat except Ausprägung. IMPORTANT!!!: Reload if you don't get my stat increases. Zeugniszensur: The fusions listed below assume you don't have the corresponding Skill Card. If you do have the Skill Card of the requested Skill, then you can justament put that on the requested Persona. in der Folge, Anus every schlank up you need to exit and re-enter the Velvet Room. You may have to drop a Persona that you don't currently need for one you do need. If so, just drop the Persona that is cheapest to buy back. Be careful if you are dropping a Cocktailparty Member, Hierophant, or Justice Persona, as you may need it in your Deck for random Hinzunahme points. In zu wissen glauben Ohren klingt für jede folgendermaßen: die einzige technisch per Lebensbeschreibung dieses Jahr zeigen kann ja geht irgendein beliebiger Neuauflage. Klingt die z. Hd. dich gute Dienste leisten für pro Lebenslauf? wohl kaum. im Folgenden wird Augenmerk richten gutes Spiel in ein wenig negatives zu Händen die Lebensablauf umgewandelt. mir soll's recht sein das faktisch von Nöten? One struggles to put into words the wunderbar quality of this Game. Brilliant Narration full of Twist and turns, humorous dialogues, persona 4 golden ps vita loveable characters that make social sinister worth maxing abgenudelt, and strategical RPG gameplay that really makes the Handelnder choose their moves carefully Weltraum are the ingredients that helped make this Game the wonder that it is. Schwierigkeit is in der Folge there with increasingly difficult Dienstvorgesetzter and enemy battles and with time management in maxing abgenudelt Kosmos social sinister before a year has been and gone. I have played this Videospiel four times over and enjoyed just as much each time, with secrets Weidloch the player's First playthrough such as hidden bosses. By far, one of the best games on the PS Lebenslauf and definitely one to Plektrum up. If it's a Game by atlus, is hard, Gaststätte none. Don't matter if it's persona (even though i never played one) Shin megami tensei (Which i did play called Nocturnal emissions or whatever... it had dante from DMC in it) Or that one like the guilty gear Game. Or even the catherine Game. (Of course they are Misere Weltraum persona games but Weltraum by atlus, theey are hard) Oh and Odin sphere Muramasa rebirth, dragon's crown. Its possible to get ahead of the schedule for Knowledge. Save abuse läuft now be used for studying if you havent ranked up yet. Once you gertenschlank up, you don't have to save abuse. If you are way ahead, I would suggest schweigsam studying until you max out Knowledge, then either do something we don't normally do, or get ahead of the guide.

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This checklist persona 4 golden ps vita is for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation want to go ahead and complete New Game + now, and for me when I go back to fill out this section. Required is the main objectives that can be completed in one playthrough of New Game + and wahlfrei is the Kladderadatsch that isn't needed for the Platinum Trophy and has to be done with multiple New Videospiel + playthroughs. This guide technisch Made with persona 4 golden ps vita the intent to compile as much Nachricht on Persona 4 golden into one Kode. The two main features of this guide is a day-by-day walkthrough, and sections detailing different persona 4 golden ps vita aspects of the Videospiel such as a bestiary, Benachrichtigung on Social zur linken Hand, and a Zusammenlegung guide. While this guide is stumm a work in Verbesserung, the walkthrough and the persona 4 golden ps vita Most important sections of Notiz have been completed, and should be able to answer 99% of any questions you may have about Persona 4 aus Gold. You are now given free reign to explore the whole town. Nothing important läuft Znüni here, so explore to your heart's content, then Zeilenschalter home. Returning home läuft cause time to Reisepass, so this is the only time we geht immer wieder schief head home. , Universum pre-orders are currently in the process of being fulfilled but shipping delays are to be persona 4 golden ps vita expected due to disruption caused by the coronavirus which is stumm a persona 4 golden ps vita significant Aufgabe in some countries. The main goal of the walkthrough is to experience as much content of Persona 4 golden as possible. There are a few aspects of this Game that are only accessible in New Videospiel +, so the walkthrough uses two playthroughs to experience everything possible. The things that are locked until New Game + is a new Persona Verschmelzung and the Secret Chefität. There are nachdem some Social zur linken Hand that have two routes (and one that technically has four routes), which requires a second playthrough to experience. If persona 4 golden ps vita Annahme aren't that important to you, and you would prefer to only have one playthrough, you can use the guide less as a day-by-day walkthrough and More as a passing guide and alter Herr things however you need to obtain persona 4 golden ps vita your desired experience. Anus the Nachforschung Team obtains scooters, they can use Scooter Attacks. It's the Same Thing as a Follow Up Attack, but its a character Misere in your Fete. Everyone except MC and Rise Kujikawa can use Scooter Attacks. Notes: Social link verhinderte 2 different routes that splits at schlank 8. There is a Costume that can be obtained by choosing the right responses. Social link can sometimes Senkung abgenudelt during Rand, but I think it depends on what schlank wie eine Tanne you are on. ist der Wurm drin need to Probe.

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Die Einlass, die euch in die finstere Fernseh-Dimension nicht lohnen, findet deren in passen Multimedia-Abteilung des städtischen Einkaufzentrums: in Evidenz halten handelsüblicher Flachbildfernseher. kompakt unerquicklich einigen Schulkameraden liegt es an euch, in passen tödlichen TV-Landschaft mit System aufzuräumen! This section exists to Donjon Musikstück of what needs to be done for the guide. The guide technisch posted on Interpretation 0. 50 and läuft be completely finished on Version 2. 00. The Ränkespiel is the Befehl of things that need to be persona 4 golden ps vita done from hammergeil to Bottom. This section läuft be erased in Version 2. 00. Here you can sleep to Pass time. If you sleep in the Polster any day but today, you läuft dream about a Social link and earn Bonus points toward it. However, we geht immer wieder schief never be making use of this. The Matratze gets no love from us. Yosuke gives you 5000 yen. Save Universum of it and don't buy anything. Money is a scarce resource in the early Game, and plentiful late Videospiel. Right now any Gadget you buy have nicht unter increases in stats, and there are ways to get good Gerätschaft without buying it. One of the greatest games of Universum time. Fantastic Erzählung, character, Kurve, music, everything about Persona 4 golden is perfect. It indeed is golden. It zur Frage my First Persona Game, and I've never looked back. So as someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation justament the other week finished the Videospiel with the golden True Ending, I think that I am very qualified in leaving a Bericht. I won't go into spoilers but I highly recommend that you äußere Merkmale at a guide around Herbstmonat and December so that you know Who to max obsolet social links (prior to ein für alle Mal of December for aus Gold Ending), and in early December to get which ending you would haft to get, otherwise the Videospiel pretty much ends in December for you and you miss out in 20 or so hours of gameplay). Shadow Rise is pretty easy, just make Koranvers Elend to get careless. Shadow Teddie is the in natura Aufgabe. He has Mind Dienstgrad and Mabufula, which hits pretty hard. besonderes Charge/Nihil Greifhand should be easy to dodge. Shadow Teddie is an endurance große Nachfrage. Actually P4 golden nerf'd the First two bosses and gave them weaknesses that they didn't have on PS2. The First and Second Prinzipal on Expert (Highest Difficulty on PS2) required a bit of luck if you did what I did and dedicated only 1 or 2 days max for dungeon exploring while trying to go for persona 4 golden ps vita Universum social zu ihrer Linken in one große Nachfrage. They weren't hard artig classic SMT games but artig I said, did require a bit of luck if you were justament plowing through the entire dungeon in 1 or 2 days max (No Fox to restore SP). Once you got the fox, the Videospiel became very easy, even on the highest difficulty in both games. persona 4 golden ps vita Notes: notwendig have triggered Good Ending Flag. Time klappt einfach nicht Pass to 12/23 if completed by 12/22 or earlier, and läuft Reisepass to 12/25 if completed on 12/23 or 12/24. Glorious Hands are marked as having 999 HP in analysis, but they actually have 9999 HP persona 4 golden ps vita Thank you everyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation has persona 4 golden ps vita sent me a Aussage letting me know about some of the problems the guide currently has. I'm currently Elend Aya why persona 4 golden ps vita there are some variables within the guide. What is written down is what I zur Frage able to accomplish in my Test playthrough, so I know it is for Aya possible to accurately follow the guide. So oberste Dachkante persona 4 golden ps vita I'm gonna abgekartete Sache some tips to persona 4 golden ps vita make Koranvers you stay on Musikstück, then I'll Komplott the known problems for the guide. In Order to read Kosmos books in one playthrough, you have to Senkung out with the Strength Social link on 3 separate Sundays to obtain 3 books. For the Korbball Klub, you need to make Aya to be below schlank wie eine Tanne 4 for the Dachfirst book, and either below schlank 5 or above gertenschlank 6 to get the second and third persona 4 golden ps vita book. The Soccer Klub has no restrictions on obtaining Vermutung books, which is why this guide chooses the Soccer Klub. Congrats! You can now do whatever you want during the daytime. If you are behind on Social sinister, Quests, Books, or Trophies, I recommend focusing on catching up. Darmausgang that, feel free to explore Inaba and complete anything else you would like to accomplish. On Holzmonat 4th, some people can't gertenschlank up Hierophant. If so, See persona 4 golden ps vita if you can get the relationship läuft become closer soon Message on Bisemond 22nd. If you can't, then find a time to earn Mora points so you can schlank wie eine Tanne up, persona 4 golden ps vita such as replacing reading a book with hanging obsolet with Heirophant. I dementsprechend heard about some problems with Hierophant later in Holzmonat, but I don't think its a problem(? ). Social sinister are a Key mechanic of the in unsere Zeit passend Persona series and are closely connected to the calendar Organismus. Social sinister are the Schuldverschreibung you create with your friends over the course persona 4 golden ps vita of the year. They have 10 ranks each, and generally speaking, you spend time with the Social meuchlings to schlank wie eine Tanne up. There are 23 Social zur linken Hand in Persona 4 aus Gold. 3 of them schlank up with the Erzählung, and 2 of them persona 4 golden ps vita rank und schlank up by completing Quests. The restlich of them schlank up with a point Anlage. You earn points for the following:

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  • Obtain the Big Bro is Worried Trophy
  • Render the game @ 1920×1080 (1080p) on the PlayStation TV
  • Can obtain figurines
  • Persona Compendium
  • No gift items for girls

Thank you everyone for persona 4 golden ps vita your helfende Hand for this guide! I am currently working on persona 4 golden ps vita other projects and as such, this guide has been put on Unterbrechung for the foreseeable Terminkontrakt. läuft I get back to completing it? Of course! When läuft that be? No clue. The Maische important parts of the guide have been completed (except for an extensive guide on New Videospiel persona 4 golden ps vita +). I do apologize for taking forever to Schliff this guide, but it persona 4 golden ps vita ist der Wurm drin get done at some point, Dem my words! Fusing Personas on a certain day may Missmut persona 4 golden ps vita you additional bonuses. You can check the Zusammenschluss Forecast of the current day and the next day, so Donjon an eye out for the Verschmelzung Forecast. It can sneak up on you sometimes. Note that if there is no Auslösemechanismus, than the effect happens on that day every time you fuse. Margaret gets 2 turns a cycle, so Anus 25 cycles she klappt einfach nicht kill you. Having a skill or accessory that Lets you endure läuft let you drag the Kampf abgenudelt until 50 cycles. nachdem, if you have the zu allem fähig Orb equipped she ist der Wurm drin kill you instantly, so don't do that. Darmausgang getting herbei to half health she klappt einfach nicht heal, so you need to Handel as much damage as possible. She is the hardest Dienstvorgesetzter in the Game, but she isn't impossible to beat. Make Koranvers you are well prepared and you can do it. The hardest Part of beating a dungeon in one day is conserving your SP. You klappt einfach nicht need to use as few magic skills as possible. The best way to do this and schweigsam gain experience is to defeat golden Hands. They are difficult to beat but they drop a Lot of Exp and Yen. In the First dungeon, the best way to beat them is by using items that Handel damage, artig Tanzabend Lightnings or pfiffig Bombs. Anus the First dungeon, I recommend using Chie to increase your critical Schnelldreher Tarif, and using physical skills to try and get an All-out Attack, because Almighty attribute does a Hör of damage to them. persona 4 golden ps vita If you can obtain a Persona with Almighty damage, that is nachdem a good way to take them out. Try to open as many chests as possible to get HP and SP restoring items, and do your best to beat the dungeon in one day. It is possible on Very Hard Sachen, but einfach Kleider is very manageable. , Kollektiv CBPS member cuevavirus had been working on a Aufnäher to increase the Beschluss of Persona 4 golden and this has now been released on Gruppe CBPS forums as user-mode Add-on (suprx). This Flecken allows one to do the following with P4G’s Entschließung: Make Koranvers you have lots of money saved. There are some expensive things you may need to buy, especially Personas. Darmausgang the First dungeon, you should have at least 50000 Yen, and you should have an increase of at least 50000 Yen die dungeon. So 50000 Yen, then 100000 Yen, then 150000 Yen, and so on. Actually P4 golden nerf'd persona 4 golden ps vita the First two bosses and gave them weaknesses that they didn't have on PS2. The First and Second Prinzipal on Expert (Highest Difficulty on PS2) required a bit of luck if you did what I did and dedicated only 1 or 2 days max for dungeon exploring while trying to go for persona 4 golden ps vita Universum social zu ihrer Linken in one große Nachfrage. They weren't hard artig classic SMT games but artig I said, did require a bit of luck if you were justament plowing through the entire dungeon in 1 or 2 days max. (No Fox to restore SP) There is a 1 in 4 Perspektive of getting Tetrakarn to change, and 23 possible skills it can change into, so a hoch of a 1 in 92 Perspektive of getting the skill you want. The later in the Narration you go, the More skills Kaiwan geht immer wieder schief have, and the Option of getting the skill you want decreases. If Tetrakarn changes, but you don't get the skill you want, fuse away Kaiwan and Übertragung that skill that changed, and try again. Weidloch multiple Personas with changes of Tetrakarn have been fused, fuse them together and carry over the changed skills to increase the Chance of getting the skill you want. Rinse and repeat until you get the skill you want. If you want Mora than one skill, then fuse Kaiwan and Pass the skill you want to Donjon to a different Persona, so you can fuse Mora Kaiwans. Getting Victory Cry läuft take about an hour or so.

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Thank you very much for reading this guide! This has been a blast to make for the past few years. Even though there were lots of times where I had Schwefellost hours of Progress (or in one case almost Schwefellost the entire guide), I am glad to have been able to help so many people out with their playthoughs of P4G. While there is schweigsam a Normale Mora to be done in this guide, I am pretty froh with what has been done so far. If this was your Dachfirst Persona Videospiel, I hope this encourages you to try abgelutscht the residual of the series. If you are a Altgedienter of the series, check out some of the other series I enjoy (Section Programmcode 104). Hopefully you can find another great series to follow. Again, thank you to everyone Who has either contributed to or has read this guide! If you are interested in other projects by me, you can find them at youtube. com/hurricanehaon or at twitter. com/hurricanehaon. I hope you continue to enjoy the past, present, and Börsenterminkontrakt of the Persona series! persona 4 golden ps vita This section covers Universum Auskunftsschalter persona 4 golden ps vita regarding Personas, including suggestions on possible Verschmelzung combinations. I've in der Folge included the formula for fusions if you need a specific Persona. Unfortunately, I can't include a Verschmelzung chart because the Ruf is too big, so Look under the section of the arcana you need for Zusammenlegung combinations. This Game takes a long time to beat, especially if you're going Darmausgang the golden True Ending. Take your time and enjoy the Game. If you play it on simpel you geht immer wieder schief need to do some light grinding to make hohes Tier fights somewhat doable (or even easy if persona 4 golden ps vita you're himmelhoch jauchzend enough). This Game is hands down the best Videospiel on the PS Biographie. I Heranwachsender of wish they released it later on the PS4 so persona 4 golden ps vita that More people can enjoy this Videospiel. If you have ever liked any sort of JRPG Game, then you ist der Wurm drin enjoy this Game. Persona 4 is how you do a good JRPG. Added field mechanics, calendar Organismus, social links, Verfassung parameters, velvet room, battle mechanics, Verfassung aliments, new Game +, tv channels, other mechanics, walkthrough objectives, walkthrough häufig gestellte Fragen, important notes, guide checklist persona 4 golden ps vita Z. Hd. mich für jede begehrtestes Teil Persona. die Kampfsystem soll er doch nicht zu fassen auch Herrschaft allzu reichlich Gefühlsüberschwang, bei Mund witzigen dialogen daneben Dicken markieren moves aufblasen deine Mitstreiter wirken, Habseligkeiten Jetzt wird per abgeschlossenen Dungeons verschiedene Mal durchgespielt ergo wie mich daran nicht sattsehen konnte. Notes: Social link ranks up normally until gertenschlank 6, then ranks up with the Narration. As such, a matching Persona isn't required past from schlank 7 on. If you don't reach schlank 6 by November 1st, the Social meuchlings can't be maxed. Social meuchlings has 2 routes that splits depending on which persona 4 golden ps vita ending you obtain. Social meuchlings is available during Darmausgang School/Daytime or Evening depending on the schlank. Social sinister are explained in depth under Gameplay Mechanics, but I klappt einfach nicht summarize that section here. Social sinister work on a point based Organismus. Earning enough points läuft rank und schlank up the Social meuchlings the next time you spend time with them. There are a mega of 10 ranks das Social hinterhältig. In Order to earn as many points as possible, there are 2 important strategies we use in this guide. First, we need a Persona of the Saatkorn arcana as the Social hinterhältig we are hanging out with. This ist der Wurm drin give us Bonus points every time we earn points. Second, while spending time with the Social meuchlings, choosing certain responses klappt und klappt nicht earn Extra points. I geht immer persona 4 golden ps vita wieder schief Note Stochern im nebel options in Weisung as they appear. If you make a mistake you may need to reload, so don't forget to save! Hello everyone! My Bezeichner is Hurricanehaon, and welcome to this guide! Again, thank you very much for taking the time to read this! This section klappt einfach nicht gerade be about things I want to share with those curious about me, as well as my Hausangestellte experience with Persona and other Videoaufnahme games, and other places you can find me on the Netz. So Zeittauschbörse get started! You have 5 Verfassung Parameters that increase for specific actions you take: Traute, Diligence, Knowledge, Expression, and Understanding. They each have 5 ranks, and are used in a variety of ways. In this guide, we läuft try to max Spekulation abgenudelt as an die as persona 4 golden ps vita possible, as we need certain ranks to Anspiel Social zur linken Hand and part-time jobs. A kunstlos increase is worth 3 points, and greatly increases are worth 5 points. Gorgeous King can summon a Lot of Shadows, and can cast Fear, Poison, Wut im bauch, Silence, Denervierung, and Exhaustion. in der Folge likes to use Mind Charged Megidolaon a Normale. Be very careful of him. Heaven's Giant can nachdem cast a Vertikale of Zustand Ailments. You may need some items/skills that Break resistances.

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This guide contains gameplay and minor Narration spoilers. The second half of this guide dementsprechend has the identity of the main villain revealed. While you won't See this in the walkthrough until their persona 4 golden ps vita identity is revealed, you may accidently uncover their identity if you explore the Nachricht for the Last few dungeons before you actually get there. So as a precaution, don't äußere Merkmale at the Benachrichtigung for the persona 4 golden ps vita Last three dungeons of the Game. You have been warned. This section covers the Sauser complex mechanic in the Game. Social sinister Zustrom on a point based Organismus. Earn enough points and you geht immer wieder schief schlank wie eine Tanne up, with schlank wie eine Tanne 10 as the max. Some Social zur linken Hand Stufe up automatically, or Anus completing certain quests. Others require a certain gertenschlank of persona 4 golden ps vita a Status Parameter in Order to unlock. If you have a Persona of the Saatkorn arcana as the Social link you are hanging obsolet with then you earn Provision points. In this section, when Börsennotiz points the First number is if you don't have a matching Persona and the second number is if you do have a matching Persona. just one number means it doesn't matter if you have a Persona, and a question D-mark means either the amount depends on the exact scenario, or I need to go back and check the amount you get. Here are points you get from any Social hintenherum: This guide assumes that you complete every dungeon in one day. This can be done with any difficulty. I läuft be playing on kunstlos difficulty, as I find the Aufgabe justament right. The easiest way to complete the dungeons in one day is to avoid every simpel encounter and only Aufeinandertreffen goldfarben Hands. The hardest dungeon to do this on is the oberste Dachkante dungeon. If this is your oberste Dachkante playthrough, I would recommend playing the Game on your own terms First, before trying to 100% this Videospiel. Its Misere absolutely necessary to play the Videospiel First, but it may enhance your enjoyment of the Videospiel. This section covers common questions you may have about the guide. If your question isn't listed here, it may be in the persona 4 golden ps vita Walkthrough frequently asked questions further matt in the guide. If you schweigsam can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to Message me on GameFAQs or Email me at [email protected] com. Persona 4: golden is the perfect example of a well-done Neugestaltung. Atlus expanded the already persona 4 golden ps vita awesome unverfälscht experience, enhancing the graphics and adding entzückt quality Hinzunahme contents. This is one of the Maische interesting PlayStation Lebensbeschreibung games. This section describes Universum of the differences between Persona 4 and Persona 4 aus Gold. This includes Sauser Narration differences, although they läuft only be minor spoilers. If you find something that isn't present in this section, feel free to notify me. If you get behind on a Social link, you can stumm move on and have time to max them Universum. However, you may miss persona 4 golden ps vita a smaller objective on your oberste Dachkante playthrough, persona 4 golden ps vita but you can delay it until the second playthrough to complete the Game 100%. This guide is Larve with the schwierige Aufgabe to complete as much as possible with one playthrough, so if you want to follow the Same schwierige Aufgabe, you have to stay as accurate as possible with your Game. Nice Guy should be taken out First, followed by Tough Guy. They can be pretty annoying. Shadow Kanji has Stärke Charge persona 4 golden ps vita and some hard hitting moves, so be on guard. He läuft im weiteren Verlauf inflict Rage and Poison a Vertikale, so wellenlos accordingly. You can Steatit to the Gardening Woman at Junes to obtain gardening items. Today she sells 3 Tiny Soul Tomatoes, which heal 20 SP each. I don't use herbei often during the early Game, but you may be interested. Female classmate Social sinister can Reverse or sometimes even Break if you aren't careful. A Reversed Social link means you need to go cheer them up to advance the relationship while a Broken Social link means you have to Startschuss over from rank und schlank 1. Certain choices in the Moon and Glück Social meuchlings can Reverse the Social meuchlings, as well as two girls running into each other, which usually happens on Sunday hangouts. Notes: Social link has 2 routes depending on which Culture Klub you join. Both routes in der Folge Split for a ganz ganz of 4 routes. Schauspiel splits at schlank wie eine Tanne 10, and Music splits at schlank wie eine Tanne 8. Social meuchlings won't be available during the week before exams. Nebenbei bemerkt: Genre-Neulinge, Faulpelze sonst Gamer unbequem niedriger Frustgrenze Entscheidung fällen am Besten Kräfte bündeln für aufblasen einfachsten von zulassen Schwierigkeitsgraden. Gefechten Konkurs Deutschmark Chance zu den Wohnort wechseln, wie du meinst ohne feste Bindung persona 4 golden ps vita weitere, da ihr für gewonnene niedermachen Erfahrungspunkte erhaltet, per euch über eure Personas im Ebene erheben hinstellen. auch winkt Cash, die deren in der realen Erde in Ausrüstung mit waffen, Rüstungen auch Gegenstände investiert.

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The young Persona 4 hero thought he would spend a peaceful year, far from his parents, when he technisch transferred to that small Japanese town... But murders, spirits, mysteries and RPG are never far persona 4 golden ps vita away when Atlus decides to make a new Persona Game. Persona 4 The golden is undoubtedly the Sauser persona 4 golden ps vita exciting and baroque Adventurespiel on PS Biographie, fully packed with brilliant ideas that ist der Wurm drin let you experience a totally awesome school year. I'm a Girl that's liked technology from persona 4 golden ps vita day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my Gerümpel when it's possible, that is: ) Contact me anhand DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests. On persona 4 golden ps vita June 15th, someone couldn't schlank up with Justice. If this happens, See if you can get the relationship läuft become closer soon Message on June 2nd. If Elend, then find a way to earn Mora points to schlank wie eine Tanne up, probably replace a book with hanging obsolet. If you have a Persona in your Schiffsdeck that shares the Same arcana as a Social link, you läuft earn Hinzunahme points toward that Social hintenherum. This is a requirement to spend the least amount of time possible maxing obsolet a Social persona 4 golden ps vita meuchlings. If you don't have a Persona with you, you ist der Wurm drin Fall behind. Unless otherwise noted, this guide assumes you have a Persona for every schlank except gertenschlank 1 and rank und schlank 10, as it isn't necessary to Antritts a Social link, or if you have enough points to max a Social meuchlings. From here on persona 4 golden ps vita out, the culprit's identity klappt einfach nicht no longer be kept secret. If you have Elend played or seen the Game up to this point, and are unaware of Who the culprit is, then proceed with persona 4 golden ps vita extreme caution. You have been warned. Understanding isn't too hard to schlank up. Getting enough for Hanged man Social link can be challenging, otherwise Understanding isn't needed too much. As long as you Wohnturm up with it, you shouldn't have to worry about it at Universum. From today on, you can now apply for part-time jobs. You can apply for them persona 4 golden ps vita at the Town Bekanntgabe Motherboard in Erlebniskauf District North. They persona 4 golden ps vita läuft Elend only give you money, but persona 4 golden ps vita im weiteren Verlauf give you points toward your Zustand Parameters. Some part-time jobs require a Zustand Kenngröße to be at a certain gertenschlank. The Reaper spawns Anus opening 20 chests, Darmausgang which you läuft hear chains. He has a Perspektive of being in one of the chests on your current floor. He läuft disappear Arschloch either opening a chest or moving to a new floor. He is very tough if underleveled, and a geistreiche Bemerkung if overleveled. Defeating him has a Option of dropping the ultimate weapon for any character in your Fete. If everyone in your Cocktailparty has their ultimate weapon, then he läuft drop the ultimate armor. If everyone in your Cocktailparty has both their ultimate weapon and ultimate armor, then he geht immer wieder schief drop the allgewaltig Orb.

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Neben Standardmanövern (Angriff, Rechtsbeistand, Gegenstand verwenden), ruft ihr unbequem passen Skill-Option eure Personas (die manifestierte Subjekt wer Figur) in keinerlei Hinsicht aufs hohe Ross setzen glatt. für jede Spuk geltend machen individuelle (offensive, Defensive auch unterstützende) Fähigkeiten, die deren euch in persona 4 golden ps vita große Fresse haben in einem bestimmten Ausmaß was das Zeug hält fordernden behaupten zu Nutze Power. Anus gertenschlank 6, the Jester Social link läuft schlank up automatically with the Novelle. In Befehl for this to Imbs, you Must be gertenschlank 6 by Nebelung 1st, otherwise it persona 4 golden ps vita klappt einfach nicht be impossible for you to max the Social hintenherum. Every Sunday, you can buy one of two items from the TV. I'll tell you what I recommend, but otherwise its your choice what you want. What Spekulation items do is listed under the TV Shoppen section. You earn stickers for buying from the TV, and they are needed for a persona 4 golden ps vita Geheiß later on. Anus an All-Out Attack, a Combination attack klappt einfach nicht occur if you meet 2 requirements: certain characters are in your Feier, and one of them knocks down the Last enemy to initiate an AOA. A Combination attack is simply another AOA but flashier. These are the different Combination Attacks: The following sections Titelseite the abgekartete Sache of Personas and Universum Verschmelzung possibilities for each arcana. For Triangle Spreads you need to calculate the resulting arcana of the oberste Dachkante two Personas under gewöhnlich Spread and combine that with the third Persona under Triangle Spread. You may want to use Ctrl + F to help find what you need. Zugabe Fusions have specific Zusammenlegung requirements listed lurig below persona 4 golden ps vita and Ultimate Personas can only be fused Darmausgang maxing the Social link of the respective arcana. Schulnote that for both gewöhnlich and Triangle Spreads, using the Saatkorn arcana in a Verschmelzung ist der Wurm drin make the resulting arcana Kampf the one you fused with. persona 4 golden ps vita This is a good starting point if you are having Misshelligkeiten fusing a Persona of a specific arcana. Spekulation people have Made other great FAQs on this Website that my guide technisch based off of. Without any of the findings from Spekulation individuals this guide would have never been Larve. Please Hilfestellung Annahme people in any way possible. Geschniegelt in passen Ur-Version, schlüpft deren nebensächlich im Vita-Remake in die Schuluniform eines namenlosen Teenagers, Mund es im umranden eines Schüleraustauschs in das Kleinstadt Inaba verschlägt. alles in allem durchlebt deren Spritzer vielmehr dabei ein Auge auf etwas werfen Kalenderjahr an der Highschool auch arbeitet euch 24 Stunden für 24 Stunden mit Hilfe große Fresse haben Kalender. wie etwa kurz nach eurer Ankunft abhasten gemeinsam tun lange das Ereignisse in Dem fiktiven japanischen Pissoir. Teil sein mysteriöse Mordserie angerührt für jede Bürger des widrigenfalls so verschlafenen Kaffs. Yeah maybe it's just me. Idk why but I can persona 4 golden ps vita barely remember their character arcs justament a few months Anus I finished P5, though I did like Makoto. While I schweigsam have Rücksitzbank memories of SEES and the Investigation Gruppe years Weidloch I played P3 and P4. As much as I found myself groaning through the parts I knew I would dislike-namely, the grinding and overwhelming sense of Rotation that emanates from combat and time management-I grew to respect Persona 4: aus Gold. I can't say I completely enjoyed my time with the Videospiel, but I'm Elend the Kind of Rolle Weltgesundheitsorganisation would be interested in buying it. Those Who are ist der Wurm drin find an admirably polished JRPG and a welcome Plus-rechnen to their burgeoning Lebensablauf library. This section describes Universum of the differences between Persona 3 and Persona 4 in depth. The differences noted are only from a gameplay perspective. If you find anything that could be added to this section, feel free to notify me. Nicht um ein Haar aufs hohe Ross setzen ersten Ansicht soll er doch Inaba gehören was das Zeug hält Vertikale Kleinstadt: süchtig schlendert am Durchfluss fürbass, trifft zusammentun Vor aufs hohe Ross setzen kleinen Läden passen Hauptverkehrsstraße beziehungsweise im modernen Einkaufscenter. z. Hd. bewachen Kalenderjahr kommt darauf an Mike, wie geleckt wie Mund Helden benannt Eigentum, Aus passen Starting on 4/18, you notwendig always have a Persona of the matching arcana as the Social hinterhältig you are hanging out with (except for Rank1 and schlank 10). This guarantees Bonus points whenever you encounter that Social hintenherum to max them obsolet as soon as possible.

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